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July 16, 2013 -
States enacted 43 pro-life laws in 1st half of 2013
During the first six months of 2013, state lawmakers enacted 43 “restrictions on access to abortion, the second-highest number ever at the midyear mark” and “as many as were enacted in all of 2012,” according to the Guttmacher Institute.
“Although the momentum for banning early abortion appears to have slowed, the same cannot be said for bans on abortion later in pregnancy,” continued...

July 11, 2013 - FRC Action
What is ENDA?
ENDA is a "one size fits all" solution to alleged discrimination that erases all marriage-based distinctions. It grants special rights to homosexuals while ignoring those of employers. The federal government should not force private businesses to abandon their moral principles.
FRC Action opposes this legislation on the following grounds: continued...

July 5, 2013 - Catholic News Service
In first encyclical, pope celebrates faith as the light of human life
Pope Francis' first encyclical, "Lumen Fidei" ("The Light of Faith"), is a celebration of Christian faith as the guiding light of a "successful and fruitful life," inspiring social action as well as devotion to God, and illuminating "every aspect of human existence," including philosophy and the natural sciences. continued...

July 8, 2013 -
Philadelphia Archdiocese Opposes Dissident at Chestnut Hill College
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has stated that a Catholic college’s plans to host a priest who has advocated for the ordination of women would “damage the unity” of the Church, according to a statement released exclusively to The Cardinal Newman Society. continued...

July 2, 2013 -
France's Jewish Education Minister: "We Must Replace the Catholic Church with a Republican Religion"
(Paris) "You will never be able to build a free nation with the Catholic Church." This wasn't uttered by Voltaire or Georges Danton, but the reigning French Education Minister from a 2008 interview, Vincent Peillon, at the launch of his book, La Révolution française n'est pas terminée (The French Revolution is Not Yet Over), as Tempos reported. continued...

June 28, 2013 -
Final rules issued for HHS mandate
The Obama administration has released its final rules for the implementation of the health-care reform program by religious institutions, leaving essentially unchanged the requirement that all health-care programs for employees must supply coverage for contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs. Please Read

June 28, 2013 -
Feinstein No Einstein on Marriage
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is already taking these rulings as a signal to shred any remaining U.S. conscience and free speech rights by forcing a vote on ENDA. "To make this the law of the land, I will soon bring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act [ENDA] to the floor of the Senate for a vote." Please Read

June 26, 2013 -
The Same-Sex Marriage Cases: What Happened and What they Mean
Earlier this morning the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act and held that the supporters of Proposition 8 in California did not have standing to defend Prop 8 in federal court. Please Read

June 28, 2013 -
Unknown-1Bill Donohue comments on the New York Times’ reaction to a TV ad calling out the New York City public schools for coddling accused sexual predators:
In today’s New York Times, there is an analysis of former CNN anchor Campbell Brown’s new group, Parents’ Transparency Project, that was established to root out public school employees guilty of sexual misconduct. Please Read

June 25, 2013 -
Judge says Montana's Big Mountain Jesus can stay
The famous Big Mountain Jesus of Montana is free to remain in place on federally owned land for at least 10 more years, according to a judge’s June 25 ruling in Missoula. The decision affirmed a U.S. Forest Service permit for the monument. Please Read

June 24, 2013 - mexmigration.blogspot
Peter Schey deconstructs S. 744
"About 4 to 5 million immigrants will most likely be left facing an extremely harsh and unforgiving set of laws almost certain to eventually force their detention and deportation (if detected) or more likely leave them in undocumented status for the rest of their lives (if undetected)." Please Read

June 21, 2013 -
200 Pages of Transcripts Don’t "Solve" IRS Targeting, Raises More Questions
Meet John Schafer, the “conservative Republican” IRS screening manager in Cincinnati the Left says originated, orchestrated, and oversaw the vast complexity of an agency-wide scheme to target Tea Party groups, invasively scrutinize conservative groups, and delay their tax-exempt applications for years. Please Read

April 14, 2013 - Posted June 21
Bishop Jenky's homily at men's march and Mass
Editor's note: Following is the full text of the homily of Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC,:
There is only one basic reason why Christianity exists and that is the fact that Jesus Christ truly rose from the grave.
The disciples never expected the resurrection. The unanimous testimony of all four Gospels is that the terrible death of Jesus on the cross entirely dashed all their hopes about Jesus and about his message. He was dead, and that was the end of it. Please Read

June 14, 2013 - studentsforlife
Obama’s War on Girls
President Obama is waging a War on Girls by allowing young children to get Plan B without a physician or parent’s care or knowledge. Use of Plan B does NOT reduce abortion rates, but it does increase a whole host of dangerous risks. This is not “reproductive justice;” this is child abuse. Read more:

June 10th, 2013 -
"Regnum Christi is a reality much wider than the Legion," the cardinal said.
Repeatedly over the past several months, the cardinal has referred to the Legionaries of Christ as part of Regnum Christi, rather than vice versa, and members of both groups have echoed that description. Read more:

June 10th, 2013 -
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston: Apologize for Co-Cathedral incident
The archdiocese has recently allowed the city's co-cathedral to be used by a female UMC bishop to ordain a few hundred UMC pastors, mostly female.
Since the UMC is officially pro-abortion and pro-birth control, this recent action calls into question our archdiocese' commitment to promoting core Catholic values. Read more:

May 24th, 2013 - Weekly column from Archbishop Chaput
Religious freedom and the need to wake up
Let's begin this week with a simple statement of fact. America's Catholic bishops started pressing for adequate health-care coverage for all of our nation's people decades before the current administration took office. In the Christian tradition, basic medical care is a matter of social justice and human dignity. Read more:

May 19, 2013 -- CNA / Stephan Driscoll
Pope Francis and the Holy Spirit
The Holy Father’s homilies provide a compelling invitation to seek the guidance of the Third Person of the Trinity.
Pope Francis’ early morning homilies in the Casa Santa Marta residence chapel — often underreported — continue to challenge the faithful, and this past week was no exception.
On Monday, the Holy Father set the tone for the week leading up to Pentecost Sunday. He focused on the Holy Spirit who, he said, helps Christians remember the history of the faith and the gifts God has given. Without this grace, he said, the faithful risk slipping into idolatry. Read more:

May 18, 2013 -- Jimmy Akin
8 things to know and share about Pentecost
Where did the feast of Pentecost come from? What happened on it? And what does it mean for us today? Here are 8 things to know and share . . .
The original day of Pentecost saw dramatic events that are important to the life of the Church.
But where did the feast of Pentecost come from?
How can we understand what happened on it?
And what does it mean for us today?
Here are 8 things to know and share about it . . Read more:

May 13, 2013 --
Five years ago a group of Spanish youth released a video during the month of May to promote praying the rosary. The videos were popular around the world, and the group has since published a new video every May. Here is their video for May 2013.

There are many ways to change the world. But there is one way that is the most successful! Bring the world a different message... a message that is revolutionary and necessary. On May 15, fight back for what you have always believed in. Raise your voice, and pray the Rosary!

May 12, 2013 --
Pope celebrates his first canonization ceremony: Those who help the needy, touch the flesh of Christ

With Latin American flags waving through St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis canonized two Hispanic nuns. 'Mother Lupita' from Mexico and 'Mother Laura' from Colombia were declared saints, along with roughly 800 Italian martyrs from Otranto.

May 9, 2013 -- Christian Newswire
Used by God for His Purpose -- Who Me?
Can God use us for His purpose? Most Christians aren't too sure. They consider their shortcomings and their struggle with sin and dismiss the possibility. But if a majority of believers today don't think they can be used by God, how does the kingdom of God advance? Perhaps the diminishing impact of the Church today is caused by a crisis of confidence rather than a lack of strategic planning. Read more:

May 5, 2013 -- By Hillary Senour
Hollywood actress-turned-nun details vocation in new book
Mother Dolores Hart, the woman who left her movie career to become a Benedictine nun, has released a new biography explaining her shift from a rising star in Hollywood to life as a cloistered religious.
"I have used the analogy of falling from a 20 story building because that's what I felt like the first night after I entered," Mother Hart told CNA May 6.
When she was approached by her life-long friend Richard DeNeut some 10 years ago about the possibility of writing a memoir, she feared that she would have neither the time nor the memory to write all "the wonderful things that happened" into a book. Read more:

April 30, 2013 -- Fr. Dwight Longenecker
What’s Killing American Catholicism
Reading Sherry Weddell’s excellent Forming Intentional Disciples is making me think about the American church and what ails her. Can anybody deny that there is a sickness in the body ecclesia? When 50% of Catholics vote for a man who stoutly defends same sex marriage and partial birth abortion can we say that Catholics in America are okay? Read more:

April 28, 2013 -- osservatoreromano
The courage to swim against the tide
With the invitation to courageously "swim against the tide" and to be committed "to great ideals”, Pope Francis addressed the 44 confirmands at Mass on Sunday morning, 28 April, in St Peter's Square. Participating in his first event of the Year of Faith, Pope Bergoglio offered those present “three short and simple thoughts" for reflection.
The first reflection came from the second reading. He underlined "the new things of God" which “are not like the novelties of this world, all of which are temporary", he said. "They come and go, and we keep looking for more. The new things which God gives to our lives are lasting, not only in the future, when we will be with him, but today as well. God is even now making all things new; the Holy Spirit is truly transforming us, and through us he also wants to transform the world in which we live". Read more:

April 22, 2013 -- By Phil Lawler
A bishop's questionable expertise on gun-control legislation
While Bishop Blaire laments the failure of the US Senate to approve new gun-control regulations, could we inject a dash of political reality into the discussion?
The Senate did not vote against gun-control legislation. On the contrary, a majority voted in favor. So why didn’t the measure pass? Because this was a procedural vote. Under Senate rules, 60 votes are needed to close off debate, and only 54 Senators voted for cloture. That vote was a setback for proponents of the gun-control legislation, who wanted to rush the measure through the Senate without debate or amendment. Read more:

April 19, 2013 -- Christian Newswire
Knights of Columbus Mobilize to Help in Texas after Devastating Blast
To supplement local efforts K of C Charities accepting donations to help victims
Following the terrible blast at a fertilizer plant in the town of West, Texas, the Knights of Columbus is accepting donations to help those in need.
In addition, Knights of Columbus Council 2305 in West, Texas is working with local groups and the authorities to assist with disaster relief. The council is particularly well positioned to help since it counts more than 500 members in a town of fewer than 3,000 people. Read more:

April 18, 2013 --
The Remarkable Rise, Meteoric Fall, and Uncertain Future of Catholicism in America
In American Church Russell Shaw takes a searching look at that question and reaches a disturbing conclusion. Cultural assimilation, which was ardently championed by churchmen like the great Cardinal James Gibbons of Baltimore around the turn of the last century, has undoubtedly conferred many benefits on Catholics. Their absorption into the secular culture of America, however, now threatens the Catholic identity of millions of faithful and of their institutions, such as schools, universities, and hospitals. Read more:

April 14, 2013 -- R.C. Spiritual Direction -- Ariel McKinney
The Church and Our Elections.
Pastoral Letter for the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan
As responsible citizens of heaven and citizens of our nation, we must face the forthcoming elections always from the viewpoint of faith and with the mind of the Church enlightened by the values of the Gospel.
Our Gift. -- What can the Church-bishops, priests and laity gathered by the Spirit of God-contribute to the forthcoming elections? Read more:

Blessed John Henry Newman:
God has created me to do him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission - I may never know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next.
I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created me for naught. I shall do good. I shall do His work. I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place while not intending it - if I do but keep His commandments.
Therefore I will trust in Him. Whatever, wherever I am. I can never be thrown away. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him; in confusion, my confusion may serve Him; if I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. He does nothing in vain. He knows what He is about. He may take away my friends. He may throw me among strangers. He may make me feel desolate, make my spirits sink, hide my future from me - still He knows what he is about. Read more:

• Divine Mercy
• The Chaplet
• The Novena
In 1931 Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ appeared to Sister Faustina (now Saint Faustina) and instructed her to " Paint an image according to the pattern you see, with the inscription: Jesus I trust in You!". Later, Jesus told her "The pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous; the red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of souls. Read more:

March 26, 2013 -- Anthony Lilles
Open the Floodgates of Mercy!
Beginning on Good Friday and culminating on Divine Mercy Sunday, the second Sunday of the Octave of Easter, the Church turns her attention to the divine mystery of merciful love. Read more:

March 29, 2013 -- R.C. Spiritual Direction -- Ariel McKinney
The Crucifixion of Our Lord -- Timeline of Jesus’ Final Hours
Preceding Events
The Last Supper (Matthew 26:20-30; Mark 14:17-26; Luke 22:14-38; John 13:21-30)
In the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42; Luke 22:39-45)
Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested ?(Matthew 26:47-56; Mark 14:43-52; Luke 22:47-53; John 18:1-11)
The Religious Leaders Condemn Jesus ?(Matthew 27:1-2; Mark 15:1; Luke 22:66-71)
Read more:

March 28, 2013 -- Vatican Radio
Questions of Faith: The Holy Triduum explained
What does the term Holy Triduum actually mean? Why is it the high point of our liturgical year? Why do we call the day Our Lord is crucified ‘Good’ Friday? What is Black Saturday? Why can’t we celebrate Mass until Easter Eve? Why are altars in parishes across the world stripped bare? Do you know what the Mother of all Vigils is? continued

March 27, 2013
Be a Wilberforce Leadership Fellow! -- Students for Life
Are you a leader or officer in your campus pro-life group?
Do you aspire to work in the pro-life movement full-time?
Do you want to be mentored by a national pro-life leader?
If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, then you should consider applying for the SFLA Wilberforce Leadership Fellowship! continued

March 24, 2013
Lenten Reflections From Fr. DeSimone
God alone can heal the storms in our life. The more open and honest we are with ourselves and God, the more peaceful and loving we will become. Why? God always heals those who understand their need of him. continued

March 22, 2013 -- Robert Moynihan, PhD.
To Prison: Pope Francis has done it again.
Breaking once again with papal protocol, he has decided not to celebrate the Mass of the Supper of the Lord in the Basilica of St. John Lateran on Holy Thursday, which falls this year on March 28 — a week from today.
Instead, Pope Francis will to go to a prison chapel and there wash feet of 12 young prisoners on the afternoon of Holy Thursday. continued

March 22, 2013 -- Vatican
“But there is another form of poverty”, he observed. “It is the spiritual poverty of our time, which afflicts the so-called richer countries particularly seriously. It is what my much-loved predecessor, Benedict XVI, called the 'tyranny of relativism', which makes everyone his own criterion and endangers the coexistence of peoples. continued

March 22, 2013 --
'Reproductive Health’ Law Delayed in Philippines
The country’s Supreme Court issues a temporary stay against the law, which provides government funds for widespread dissemination of contraceptives.
Pro-family forces in the Philippines won a temporary victory when the nation’s Supreme Court issued a stay “status quo ante” on the much-contested reproductive-health law that was due to go into effect at the end of this month. continued

March 17, 2013 -- The Vatican

March 17, 2013
Lenten Reflections From Fr. DeSimone
Repentance of sins and confession are part of the healing process all human beings need to encounter.
-Interior healing leads to a deeper relationship with the Blessed Trinity, and a conversion of heart, which is an ongoing life-long process. continued

March 16, 2013 -- Robert Moynihan, PhD.
Letter #49: Black Shoes
“First of all I would say a prayer for our Bishop Emeritus Benedict XVI. Let us all pray together for him, that the Lord bless him and Our Lady protect him.” –Pope Francis, asking all to pray for Emeritus Pope Benedict, during his first public words after his election on March 13, 2013
It is now official. Pope Francis, 76, will go to Castel Gandolfo, about 15 miles outside of Rome, to meet Emeritus Pope Benedict, 85, on March 23, next Saturday, one week from today.
It will be their first meeting since Benedict renounced his office and since Francis was elected Pope on Wednesday, three days ago. continued

March 16, 2013 -- The Vatican
Pope Francis explains reason behind name choice, wants 'Church for poor'

March 15, 2013 -- The Vatican
Pope Francis To Cardinals: Like Good Wine That Improves With Age, Let Us Old Folks Give Youth The Wisdom Of Life
"Courage, dear brothers! Probably half of us are in our old age. Old age, they say, is the seat of wisdom. The old ones have the wisdom that they have earned from walking through life. Like old Simeon and Anna at the temple whose wisdom allowed them to recognize Jesus. Let us give with wisdom to the youth: like good wine that improves with age, let us give the youth the wisdom of our lives." continued

March 13, 2013 --
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio the New Pope Elect - Pope Francis
Here is a biography of the new Bishop of Rome and our new pope! Please keep him in your prayers. He has taken the name Pope Francis.
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ordinary for Eastern-rite faithful in Argentina who lack an Ordinary of their own rite, was born on 17 December 1936 in Buenos Aires. He was ordained for the Jesuits on 13 December 1969 during his theological studies at the Theological Faculty of San Miguel.
He was novice master in San Miguel, where he also taught theology. He was Provincial for Argentina (1973-1979) and rector of the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel (1980-1986). After completing his doctoral dissertation in Germany, he served as a confessor and spiritual director in Córdoba.
On 20 May 1992 he was appointed titular Bishop of Auca and Auxiliary of Buenos Aires, receiving episcopal consecration on 27 June. On 3 June 1997 was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Buenos Aires and succeeded Cardinal Antonio Quarracino on 28 February 1998. He is also Ordinary for Eastern-rite faithful in Argentina who lack an Ordinary of their own rite. Adjunct Relator General of the 10th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, October 2001.
He served as President of the Bishops' Conference of Argentina from 8 November 2005 until 8 November 2011.
Created and proclaimed Cardinal by the Bl. John Paul II in the consistory of 21 February 2001, of the Title of S. Roberto Bellarmino (St. Robert Bellarmine).
Member of: Congregations: for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments; for the Clergy; for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life ;Pontifical Council for the Family;Pontifical Commission for Latin America source

March 12, 2013 -- The Vatican
Homily Of His Eminence Card. Angelo Sodano Dean Of The College Of Cardinals.
Dear Concelebrants, Distinct Authorities, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
"Forever I will sing the mercies of the Lord" is the hymn that resounds once again near the tomb of the Apostle Peter in this important hour of the history of the Holy Church of Christ. These are the words of Psalm 88 that have flowed from our lips to adore, give thanks and beg the Father who is in heaven. "Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo": is the beautiful Latin text that has introduced us into contemplation of the One who always watches over his Church with love, sustaining her on her journey down through the ages, and giving her life through his Holy Spirit. full text

March 5, 2013 --
Cardinals Continue Arriving for General Congregation Meetings
Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, briefed journalist today on the General Congregation of Cardinals that took place yesterday evening and this morning at the Synod Hall of the Paul VI Audience Hall.
Yesterday, four more Cardinal electors arrived and took the oath that was taken earlier in the day by the Cardinals. The cardinals that arrived yesterday afternoon were the Lebanese Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rai, Cardinal Meisner of Cologne, Cardinal Woelki of Berlin, and Cardinal Sarr of Dakar. Please read...

March 3, 2013 -- Our Lady of Sorrows Parish
Lenten Reflections from Fr. DeSimone
* Faith: The obedience of faith (Romans 16: 26; cf. Romans 1: 5; Corinthians 10: 5-6) must be given to God as he reveals himself.
* Love: The greatest commandment of the law is to love God with one's whole heart and one's neighbor as oneself
* Hope: When God reveals Himself and calls him, man cannot fully respond to the Divine love by his own powers.
Please read...

March 3, 2013 -- wordsfromcana
Girl Scouts Still Humming The Pro-Abortion Chorus
The Girl Scouts’ Law insists that Girl Scouts be “responsible for what I say and do.” When it comes to abortion, however, the Girl Scouts USA “says” the magic words that keep pro-life members in the fold (i.e. that Girl Scouts “does not take a position” on sexuality, birth control, or abortion).
What they “do” behind the scenes is another story. Please read...

March 1, 2013 -- Newt Gingrich
Personal Reflections on Pope Benedict XVI
Let me say up front that I have a very personal feeling about Pope Benedict XVI's retirement.
The Holy Father's visit to Washington, D.C. in 2008 changed my life.
It was seeing him at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception which changed my curiosity into my becoming Catholic. continued...

February 28, 2013 -- The Vatican
Pope Benedict XVI's final tweet
Pope Benedict XVI arrived at Castel Gandolfo, Thursday evening, after a 15 minute helicopter ride over the rooftops of Rome. But before taking his leave of the men and women, officials and lay staff in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace, with whom he shared his daily life and his mission over the past eight years, he had time for one more tweet to his many followers worldwide, it was his parting message:
"Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives". more...

February 28, 2013 -- The Vatican
Benedict XVI: The end of a long goodbye
“Thank you, thank you from my heart” “I am happy to be here with you surrounded by the beauty of Creation and your friendship that warms me”, “you know that today is different from others, as of eight pm I will no longer be the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman Church”. “I am a pilgrim who is begining the last part of his pilgrimage on earth”. “But with all my interior strength, with all my heart, with all my love I will work for the good of the Church and all humanity”. more...

February 28, 2013 -- The Vatican
Benedict pledges obedience to his successor
Among you, among the College of Cardinals, there is also the future Pope, to whom, here today, I already promise my unconditional reverence and obedience.”
Those were Pope Benedict’s words on Thursday morning to his closest advisors, gathered in the Vatican’s Clementine Hall for a final greeting, just hours ahead of his retirement and the end of his pontificate at 8pm, Rome time. more...

February 24, 2013 -- The Vatican
Vatican Secretary of State Communiqué on Conclave
"The freedom of the College of Cardinals, which alone, under the law, is responsible for the election of the Roman Pontiff, has always been strongly defended by the Holy See, as a guarantee of a choice based on evaluations solely for the good of the Church.
"Over the centuries, the Cardinals have faced multiple forms of pressure exerted on the individual voters and the same College, with the aim of conditioning decisions, to bend them to a political or worldly logic. more...

February 23, 2013 -- Robert Moynihan, PhD.
Letter #20: Communique
The Vatican Speaks Out
Evidently concerned that the upcoming papal conclave to elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI (the conclave is now expected to be held between March 10 and 15, though the date is not yet fixed) may be subjected to undue “pressure” from outside the Church, this morning, the Vatican Secretariat of State released the communique printed below. more...

February 24, 2013 -- Our Lady of Sorrows Parish
Lenten Reflections from Fr. DeSimone
Use of Freedom and Our Responsibility

- Our free will is a gift from God;
- The use of free will matters greatly in our growth as human persons;
- What does it mean to be human?
- Why were we created?
- To know and love God and each other;
- We are not truly free, unless we have the freedom to choose good;
- If we are enslaved to sin or particular vices or feelings, emotions, and passions, we are not truly free to choose good; more...

February 23, 2013 -- Vatican Radio
Pope Benedict: Truth and beauty go together
Pope Benedict on Saturday concluded the “spiritual exercises” which mark the beginning of Lent at the Vatican.
This year’s reflections were offered by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture.
At the end of the retreat, Pope Benedict addressed those who had participated with him in the Lenten retreat. Taking his cue from Cardinal Ravasi’s theme “the art of believing, the art of praying,” Pope Benedict reflected on the relationship of beauty to the truth. “Truth and beauty,” he said, “go together: beauty is the seal of truth.” more...

February 23, 2013 by Robert Moynihan, PhD.
Letter #19: Stop
Last night, my phone rang twice, just before 3 in the morning. In the morning, I found three emails from the same person, a priest I know. He called again this morning.
He wanted to know about my letter of yesterday, which discussed an Italian press report more...

February 21, 2013 by Robert Moynihan, PhD.
Letter #18: Blackmail - Part 1
“Therefore is my spirit overwhelmed within me; my heart within me is desolate.” –Psalm 143:4
The Secret Report Given to the Pope on December 17
Today a veil of secrecy was shredded in this eternal city.
Today therefore marked the beginning of a difficult, important struggle for the purification of the government of the Church desired for so many years by Joseph Ratzinger. more...

About Robert B. Moynihan, PhD
Dr. Robert Moynihan is founder and editor-in-chief of Inside the Vatican magazine. He is an American journalist with a knowledge of five languages and a seasoned Vatican analyst. He earned his B.A. in English, magna cum laude from Harvard and a M.A and Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from Yale. more...

Dear Friends of,
Today, February 22 is Girl Scouts' annual World Thinking Day where Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world are asked to think about what their sister WAGGGS members are doing (as well as make donations to WAGGGS). So, in honor of Thinking Day, we ask:
A: ...(Read "Women Deliver" and look at the bottom in Youth Advisory Groups for WAGGGS. Notice Planned Parenthood (IPPF and PPFA) and Marie Stopes -- Europe's largest abortion provider -- are featured as well as homosexual activists Advocates for Youth and Y-PEER). Women Deliver

February 20, 2013 --
The Orwellian World of Catholic Higher Education
In 1990, Pope John Paul II released Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the papal document defining the centrality of Catholic higher education. Its title translated as “from the heart of the Church,” the document called for Catholic colleges to be faithful to their Catholic mission and accountable to their local bishops. Fiercely resisted by many Catholic college presidents and faculty members, who viewed Ex Corde Ecclesiae as a threat to their academic freedom, it took more than 10 years to implement. Last month, the Office of the Secretariat of Education at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released what they called The Final Report for the Ten Year Review of the Application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae for the United States. more...

February 19, 2013 -- Archbishop Chaput
Justice, prudence and immigration reform
The Catholic commitment to the dignity of the immigrant comes from exactly the same roots as our commitment to the dignity of the unborn child. Any Catholic who truly understands his or her faith knows that the right to life precedes and creates the foundation for every other human right. There’s no getting around the priority of that fundamental right to life. But being “prolife” also means that we need to make laws and social policies that will care for those people already born that no one else will defend. more...

February 18, 2013 -- ( - By Michael W. Chapman
Cardinal Arinze: 'Personally' Against Abortion Is Like Saying 'Personally' Against Shooting Members of Congress
Cardinal Francis Arinze, who is among some of the favored candidates to be the next Pope, remarked that Catholic politicians who say they are "personally" opposed to abortion but believe it is okay to be "pro-choice" is akin to saying one is "personally" against shooting members of Congress but others can do so because "it's just pro-choice for that." more...

February 13, 2013 -- Opinions
Lenten Reflection: Father of Lies and the Triumph of Truth by Cathy Pearson
As Lent is a season of spiritual warfare, it behooves us to know our enemy. Our enemy, as St. Paul tells us, is not flesh and blood, but spirit -- "principalities and powers of darkness in high places" -- troops whose leader St. Peter describes as a roaring lion in search of someone to devour. The warfare over our souls is not between good and evil as intellectual concepts, but between active personal wills -- God who is pure love and the devil who is pure hatred. Father of Lies

February 13, 2013 -- The Moynihan Letters
Ash Wednesday and Pope Benedict
"Thus says the Lord, return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning" (Joel 2:12)."-Pope Benedict XVI, citing the Prophet Joel, at his final public Mass as Pope, this evening in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City
After Pope Benedict XVI received ashes on his head this evening from Cardinal Angelo Comastri, archpriest of St. Peter's Basilica, he spoke in his Ash Wednesday homily about the need for Christians to be united, and strongly warned against Church divisions. more

February 13, 2013 -- Archbishop Chaput
Preparing for the journey of Lent, 2013
More than 70 years ago the great French Catholic writer Georges Bernanos published a little essay called “Sermon of an Agnostic on the Feast of St. Théresè.” Bernanos deeply loved the Church, but he could also be brutally candid when it came to himself and his fellow believers. Above all, he had a piercing sense of irony about the comfortable, the self-satisfied and the lukewarm who postured themselves as Catholic – whether they were laypeople or clergy. more

February 10, 2013 -- HonestGirlScouts
Dear Friends,
Please find attached an updated Cookie Boycott Flyer for 2013. It includes Girl Scouts' support for legalized prostitution.
BE AWARE that you can either:
a) print on one side only and be done, or
b) save paper and give out halfsheets by copying on both sides of a sheet. To do this, be careful that the tops of the pages are on the same edge (or else you will have the same info on both sides of a halfsheet, head-to-foot)
Good Luck and God Bless,

Lenten Thoughts from Fr. DeSimone
What is your Image of God?
It is very important that our image of God must not become an opinion based on resentment, hurt, or disappointment. Our personal image of God ought to be formed and informed by what God has revealed to us in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition through the Church.
As we approach the season of Lent, there are scripture passages that will help remind us and inform our hearts and minds to who God truly is.
1 Jh 4:7-21: God loved us first;
Mt. 5:43-48: God calls us his children;
Mt. 6:25-34: God shows us that we are important;
2Cor.1:37: God loves us so deeply that he wants to comfort us in our sorrow;
Jn. 3:16: God so loved the world that he gave us his only son to redeem us;
Ps. 103: God forgives all;
Ps. 23: God wants to shepherd and lead us and not leave us to ourselves.
We encourage you to read the above passages and privately pray the "Our Father", using the words "My Father" to realize how personally God loves you.

February 7, 2013 -- The Tablet
Lenten Regulations
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio encourages all of the faithful to enter into this more intense period of preparation and prayer by calling us to make use of the traditional Lenten practices of fasting, prayer and almsgiving. May our renewed faith in the risen Lord find ever deeper expression in our charity toward those most in need, particularly toward those in our diocese who continue to suffer from the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy. more

February 6, 2013 -- From: HonestGirlScouts DotCom
Girl Scouts has hit a new low.
The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), which is disproportionately funded by founding member,
Girl Scouts of the USA was on the Steering Committee of the 2012 Bali Global Youth Forum in December. more

February 5, 2013 -- Archbishop Chaput -- Philadelphia
Making sense of another ambiguous ‘compromise’
The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that prudence is the auriga virtutum, the “charioteer of virtues.” It’s “right reason in action,” the guide to correctly applying all other virtues. Rash action, no matter how well intended, violates prudence and usually does more harm than good. God gave us brains. He expects us to use them to judiciously pursue the highest moral good for others and for ourselves.
At the same time, the Catechism warns that prudence should never be used as an alibi for “timidity or fear, duplicity or dissimulation.” Real prudence has a spine called fortitude, the virtue we more commonly know as courage. And courage, in the words of C.S. Lewis, “is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.” more

February 1, 2013 -- Christian Newswire
Christian Defense Coalition Condemns HHS Contraceptive Revision as Still Failing on Protecting Religious Freedom for All Americans
The Coalition says the Obama Administration is still "clueless" when it comes to ensuring all Americans are protected from having to violate their deeply held religious beliefs and core values.
Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, comments,
"The Obama Administration's revision to the HHS contraceptive mandate fails completely in protecting religious freedom for all Americans. more

January 28, 2013 -- Christian Newswire
Ten Percent Increase for Child Evangelism Fellowship USA
Child Evangelism Fellowship, the largest Christian ministry to children in the world, reports that it ministered to nearly 900,000 children in the United States in 2012. This represents a 10.3 percent increase over 2011. CEF has 15 programs in the United States through which it reaches children with the gospel more

January 25, 2013
Fr. Frank Pavone Urges Americans to Recall Abortion
in Sermon at National Memorial for the Preborn

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, delivered his sermon Recall Abortion at the National Memorial for the Preborn and their Mothers and Fathers at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. more full text

January 25, 2013 -- Catholic League
Senator Feinstein Invites Partisan Prayer
...What happened yesterday was nothing less than the religious exploitation of a serious public policy issue. When Rev. Hall condemned the “terror of the gun lobby,” he politicized the issue just as badly had the NRA invited a clergyman to condemn gun control advocates. There should be no place for such rank partisanship by a clergyman on this complicated issue. more

January 24, 2013 -- ed
Unbelievable! Senator Feinstein had the audacity to invite Rev. Canon Gary Hall, Dean of the National Cathedral, to open her partisan comments on gun control with a prayer. Unfortunately Rev. Hall obliged.
Senator Feinstein has helped kill millions of babies through abortion and even voted against bills that would have banned partial birth abortions (1995, 1997 and 2003).

January 23, 2013 -- The Tablet
Deeper Into the Culture of Death
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio -- Bishop of Brooklyn
The so-called "pro-choice" movement has its roots in the ideology of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who understood her call to be one who would "assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit." Of course, a young Barack Obama was precisely the sort of unfit child that Sanger and her allies would want to eliminate. more

June 11, 2012 --
Faces of the American Holocaust: Dianne Feinstein
Who’s behind the public policies that have led to millions dead from abortion?
When the killing of human beings becomes a pre-meditated methodical policy — put forward as a public good — massive slaughter results, and can be called a “holocaust.” more

January 22, 2013 -- ed
While our faith is under attack from every direction our Archdiocese is eliminating our most vital line of defense: Our Schools
The Archdiocese is closing 22 elementary schools and two secondary schools in June 2013.
The number of students at the elementary schools announced for closure today is 4,341, which represents almost 9 percent of those enrolled in Catholic elementary schools.
Cardinal Dolan closed 26 elementary schools in 2011 more

January 22, 2013 -- ed
Pope Benedict XVI's Prayer For The Unborn
The Pope prayed for the protection of life and the family at the conclusion of the Prayer Vigil for the Unborn on Nov. 27. The prayer, which was composed by Benedict XVI, asks God to bless families and to inspire society to embrace each and every life. more

January 16, 2013 -- USCCB
Nine Days of Prayer, Penance and Pilgrimage
On January 22nd and January 25th our nation will remember the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
Since that tragic decision, more than 55 million children's lives have been lost to abortion, and the lives of millions of their parents have been shattered. more

ROME, January 16, 2013 ( H. Sergio Mora
Vatican Preparing a Manual to Help Priests Celebrate Mass
Prefect Warns Against Making Liturgy Into a 'Show'
The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments is preparing a booklet to help priests celebrate the Mass properly and the faithful to participate better, according to the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments.
Cardinal Antonio Cañizares confirmed this Tuesday at an address at the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See on "Catholic Liturgy since Vatican II: Continuity and Evolution." more

DENVER, Jan. 11, 2013 -- Christian Newswire
Federal Court Bars Southern Poverty Law Center from Reckless Endangerment of Pro-Family Activist
A federal district judge in Colorado ordered the Southern Poverty Law Center ("SPLC") to remove a document revealing the home address of the President of Public Advocate of the United States, a leading nonprofit advocacy organization supporting traditional marriage, to prevent potential "politically motivated harassment or even violence." more

LONDON, Jan. 11, 2013 /Christian Newswire
European Court to Rule on Controversial Christian Freedom Cases
Judgment in the cases of four UK Christians will be handed down at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg at 09:00 GMT (04:00 EST) on Tuesday 15th January 2013.
The cases are being carefully watched across the world. Of particular interest will be the interpretation of how the very strong provision for 'freedom of thought, conscience and religion' under Article 9 translates into practical protections in diverse European societies. more

Posted: January 7, 2013 -- The New York Times
Child Abuse and Neglect
Fatal child abuse or neglect is the fatal physical injury or negligent treatment of a child by a person who is responsible for the child’s welfare. It is reported that more than 2,000 children in the U.S. die of child abuse and neglect each year, and the actual number of abuse and neglect deaths is estimated to be much higher than that reported by vital statistics data. more

January 7, 2013 -- The New York Times
The Bid to Stop Gun Trafficking
Instructed by President Obama to find ways to curb gun violence after the Connecticut school massacre, a working group led by Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. appears ready to recommend a package of proposals that go beyond reinstating the expired ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. more
"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." Rahm Emanuel
Here is the Progressives chance to disarm America.

January 6, 2013 -- Reuters
Pope: Church Must Stand Firm Against 'Intolerant Agnosticism'
Pope Benedict said on Sunday that Roman Catholic leaders must have the courage to stand up to attacks by "intolerant agnosticism" prevalent in many countries.
The Pope and the church have come under increased attack because of their opposition to homosexual marriage and women priests. The Pope has repeatedly denounced what he says are attempts to push religion out of public debate. more

January 4, 2013 -- CNA/EWTN News
White House petitioned to label Catholic Church a 'hate group'
An online petition asking the White House to designate the Catholic Church as a “hate group” for its views on marriage is drawing criticism for generating unjust animosity.
The petition reveals an “underlying agenda,” which is not simply to prevent violent crimes, but to “stigmatize any disapproval of homosexuality at all and essentially to silence us,” said Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. more

January 3, 2013 --
Chicago’s Cardinal: Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Like Repealing Law of Gravity
Francis Cardinal George, who heads the archdiocese of Chicago representing 2.3 million Catholics, said the push by Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly to vote this week to legalize homosexual “marriage” was an “affront to human reason” and so contrary to natural law that the “legislature might just as well repeal the law of gravity.” more

January 1, 2013 -- Vatican
Pope on New Year's Day: find inner peace in God
Pope Benedict celebrated mass in St Peter’s Basilica on New Year’s Day, marking the feast of Mary and the Church’s World Day of Peace. In his homily the Pope urged people to look to God and to his son Jesus for true peace in a world fraught with problems, darkness and anxieties. more

Archive: July to December 2012

Pope Benedict XVI Christmas Day Message
December 25th, 2012 Vatican City
In this Year of Faith, I express my Christmas greetings and good wishes in these words taken from one of the Psalms: "Truth has sprung out of the earth". Actually, in the text of the Psalm, these words are in the future: "Kindness and truth shall meet; / justice and peace shall kiss. / Truth shall spring out of the earth, /and justice shall look down from heaven. / The Lord himself will give his benefits; / our land shall yield its increase. / Justice shall walk before him, / and salvation, along the way of his steps" (Ps 85:11-14). more

December 24, 2012 --
To you, your family and friends: Have a blessed and joyous Christmas.

December 24, 2012 --
Christmas ceremonies live from the Vatican
The Vatican Television Center and Vatican Radio will be streaming all of the Christmas ceremonies and events live from St Peter’s Square and Basilica over the next 24 hours and offering audio commentary in six languages. more

December 21, 2012 --
Walk in the Footsteps of the Holy Family at Christmas
Holy Land USA Brings Faith to Life
Can’t travel to the Holy Land as a pilgrim? Not to worry: You can visit closer to home at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America in the nation’s capital, which has been named an official pilgrimage site for the Year of Faith. more

December 21, 2012 -- Our Lady of Sorrows
The Twelve Days of Christmas (The Faith Hidden in Song)
Catholics in England were forbidden to practice their faith openly during the years from 1538 to 1829. This song was developed to communicate their gift of faith in coded lyrics. The 12 days run from 25 December (Christmas) to 6 January (Epiphany). The "True Love" refers to God. The repetition of the melody signifies God's continual renewal of His gifts. more

December 14, 2012 -- Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
What young Catholics want
I was referred to an interesting blog post by a "Young Catholic".
This young Catholic explodes the assumptions aging-liberals make about what what young Catholics want. Here is a taste:
The problem is all these pastors, youth pastors and music directors keep telling us young folk what bores us, what we really like, what we find interesting. And guess what, THEY'RE WRONG! If one listens to the young Catholic voice, one would find we are yearning for beauty, for tradition and for truth. more

December 17, 2012 -- Newsmax November 28, 2012 -- catholicwvengeance.
What Young Catholics Truly Want.
Attention Pastors, Youth Pastors, Music Directors, Deacons and Catechists:
I have oft heard the complaint from you that "The young people aren't interested in Catholic faith, they don't come to Mass and they don't volunteer to sing, lector or help with ministries…it seems there is little hope these days!"
I've come to tell you, there is hope! The young people can be drawn to Catholic faith, Mass, choir and any church-related ministry. You can get them interested! more

Vatican City, Dec 11, 2012 -- CNA/EWTN News
Vatican official warns of mediocrity in American Christianity
An official for the Vatican's Latin America commission has warned against a "gray pragmatism and mediocrity" that he believes has infiltrated Christianity in America.
"How many Christians today have buried their baptism under a cloak of consumerism and indifference," he said.
"How many devotions are practiced without an authentic encounter with Christ in the sacraments," he said, lamenting "the abandonment of confession" among local Catholics and "superficiality in participation at Mass." more

December 3, 2012 -- Steven Ertelt --
Pope: Catholic Groups Can’t Support Pro-Abortion Efforts
Responding to concerns pro-life advocates have had about Catholic charitable groups that have been using donor funds to support pro-abortion organizations and efforts, Pope Benedict XVI released a new statement condemning the practice.
Pope Benedict XVI released an Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio “On the Service of Charity.” The document uses the kind of formal legal language that acts as binding legislation for the Catholic Church. more

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