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Your Parish
The local Church has always been the first line of defense against outside dangers. In the beginning of Christianity and in the early Americas, the local Church was often the local fort. Today attendees often gather after the services and help each other.

Catholic Schools
Catholic education is the foundation of Christian life and the Christian family. In the past, Parochial schools could depend on the Diocese to help them with budget shortages. Many Dioceses have warned schools that the will no longer be subsidized. They can only depend on you.

Our Seminaries
Without seminaries we have no Priests, Communion or any of the other Sacraments. Recently attendance in Seminaries has increased; they need your spiritual and financial help.

Help save our Catholic schools.

Contact your diocese and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Ask them to subsidize our schools. Cut CCHD and other secular funding instead.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
3211 4th Street, N.E.
Washington DC 20017-1194

Hundreds of Catholic schools have been and will be closed.

Saint Peter's High School for Girls
Saint Peter's High School in New York has been educating girls since 1918.

A Proud Tradition: A Rich Future

St Peters Girls High School is a school rich in history, full of pride, and steeped in loyalty.
Founded by the Sisters of Charity, Saint Peter's High School for Girls, the Archdiocese's first central high school, was granted its charter by the State of New York on June 16, 1918. "We are one of three schools within the parish of Saint Peter's - the mother parish of Staten Island. With our proud 90 year tradition, we strive to continue the mission of Sister Elizabeth Ann Seton to educate girls to become intellectually competent, caring and courageous young women: empowered to make responsible decisions for the future."

The school is located in the historic preservation district of Saint George in Staten Island, New York just minutes away from the Staten Island Ferry and the main transportation hub on Staten Island. It is easily accessible by bus, train, car and ferry.

Saint Peter's High School for Girls
300 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island
New York 10301

On Friday, February 11th, 2011, the Archdiocese of New York announced the closing of St Peters Girls High School. Without warning, the students and faculty were told that the school will shut its doors, forever, in June.

March 14, 2011 -- Christine Begeman-Thomson -- Facebook
Help Save ST Peters.....
Ok all....I am compelled and asked to provide some info, and this was the best way I knew how. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING written here. I will do my best, without being too long winded, what happened and what is going on now.
Feb 11, Arch announces St Peters closing, Feb 16 a save St Peters Rally with the Arch present to get answers and to try to convince them save the school. On Feb 18, I connect with 2 prominent business people. Together we discuss a plan to try to save the school.
They projected that they will have to subsidize St Peters at the end of this school year for 75,000 dollars and with the low enrollment for next year, the projected subsidiary would be in excess of 100,000 dollars. We then asked each other what we needed to do to save the school. facebook

June 04, 2011 -- Staten Island Advance
St. Peter's Girls High School graduates 37 at its final ceremony
They will always be Eagles in their hearts.
The 37 young women of the Class of 2011 who received their diplomas this morning have the bittersweet distinction of being the last graduating class of St. Peter's Girls High School. more

December 9, 2012 -- Delphi
Please do not close our schools!
The New York Archdiocese announced that 26 elementary schools are in danger of closing. 20 of a total of 179 schools closed two years ago. If carried out this would mean closing 46 schools or almost 26% of the elementary schools in the Archdiocese.
We consider our schools to be the first line of defense against the growing secularism in America. While trying to run the school system without a deficit is admirable, we know that it can't be done. Surely there must be other areas where the Archdiocese can cut expenses and subsidize the school system.
We admire the parents who keep their children in Catholic schools. Please do not let them down. more

The New York Archdiocese Schools
determined to be "at-risk" of closure.

November 26, 2012
Preliminary Determinations of Final "At-Risk" Catholic Schools
Local Boards for the three pilot regions and ad hoc Reconfiguration Committees for the six non-pilot regions, comprised of laity and clergy in parishes across the Archdiocese of New York, have completed their preliminary evaluations of the current status and long-term viability of the regionalized elementary schools in their respective regions.
....Based on this review, the Boards and Reconfiguration Committees have determined that 26 out of 159 regionalized, parish and archdiocesan elementary schools are at-risk of closure in June 2013. more

Saint Hubert High School for Girls
It can be done. A neighborhood saves its' school!

January 26, 2012 --
44 Catholic Elementary Schools, 4 High Schools Closing
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced Friday that it will be closing four of its high schools and 44 of its elementary schools, shocking the community.
Officials from Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast, West Catholic, St. Hubert and Conwell Egan were informed Friday morning that their schools will be closing at the end of the school year in June.
Officials also confirmed that 44 out of the 156 elementary schools in the Archdiocese will be closing as well. more

January 26, 2012 --
St. Hubert supporters raise $722,000 to keep school open
Supporters of St. Hubert High School for Girls have raised $722,000 in an effort to keep the 70-year-old Northeast Philadelphia institution open.
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has announced plans to close St. Hubert's and three other high schools because of declining enrollment.
School supporters presented their case for keeping St. Hubert's open ti diocesan officials on Wednesday. more

March 1, 2012 -- Posted by
St. Hubert – Saved!
St. Hubert Catholic High School Alumnae Association and Advisory Board extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire Northeast Philadelphia community including our faculty, students, parents, alumnae, friends, and local businesses for your incredible generosity and support in our successful campaign to protect St. Hubert from closure.
The community-driven movement to save our school was extraordinary and will continue to inspire us as we plan for our future. As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we look forward to another 70+ years of educating Women of Faith and Integrity. more

September 13, 2012 -- Northeast Times
The Bambies are back
St. Hubert High School freshman Angela Morris joined fellow students on Friday morning on the school’s front steps, singing the alma mater and shouting cheers.
Eight months ago, few would have thought those steps would be filled with 600-plus teenage girls in those familiar St. Hubert brown and gold uniforms. more

May, 2011 --
Can Catholic Schools Be Saved?
In the fall of 2007, word quietly spread through the nation's capital that a dozen Catholic schools run by the Archdiocese of Washington were in dire financial straits.
.....In the first decade of this new century, more than 1,000 Catholic schools were shuttered; 174 Catholic schools closed or were consolidated during the 2009-10 school year alone. In the past ten years, the Archdiocese of Chicago has seen 31% of its students leave; the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn have lost 26% and 33% of their students, respectively, in the same period. Indeed, just this January, the New York archdiocese — which serves about 2.5 million Catholics — announced that it would close 27 schools, about one-eighth of its total. more

April 20, 2011 -- MARY ANN POUST
Manhattan School Merger Is Called Off
The merger of Holy Cross and Sacred Heart of Jesus schools in the midtown west section of Manhattan has been called off, and both will remain open and separate for the 2011-2012 school year, the archdiocese has announced.
The plan was shelved to give parents and staff of Holy Cross School the same opportunity as other “at-risk” schools to propose a plan to increase the funding and enrollment needed to ensure the school’s future.
“It’s buying Holy Cross an extra year,” said Fran Davies, spokesman for the archdiocesan Schools Superintendent’s Office.
Holy Cross, at 332 W. 43rd St., with 212 students, was not listed as a school at risk more:_

February 16, 2011 --
Holy Cross Families Beg for Help to Defeat School Merger
With no solution in sight to a merger that many equate to a closure, Holy Cross School parents are seeking help.
HELL'S KITCHEN — With no solution in sight to a merger that many equate to a closure, a huge crowd of Holy Cross School parents and students gathered Tuesday night to ask for help, in any form possible, from Community Board 4.
"We've done everything we can, and we're running into a brick wall," said Kim Miller, whose fifth-grade daughter attends the school., located at 332 W. 43rd St. "But there has to be an answer."


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