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April 13, 2015 -- Pope Francis -- Misericordiae Vultus

February 27, 2015 -- National Catholic Register
Oil company hit man has Archbishop Cordileone in his sights
Sam Singer's public relations firm spun a Chevron oil refinery disaster in California and fought back a legal ruling in Ecuador that could have awarded billions of dollars to indigenous people for the company's alleged pollution damage to the Amazon.
Now he's been hired to attack San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. He even wants Pope Francis to do his work. continued...

February 22, 2015 -- National Catholic Register
Archbishop to Politicians: Would You Hire a Campaign Manager Who Works Against What You Stand for?
Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone defends Catholic schools' teacher handbook against California politicians' criticism. continued...

February 11, 2015 -- Bishop Athanasius Schneider
Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Battling the New Gnosticism
It is a sad truth that we are in a time of great crisis in the Church. God is with us, however. You have asked me what the faithful can do to combat the errors spreading through the Church. I would like to answer with some suggestions: continued...

January 24, 2015 -- Vatican
Christians called to pray for peace in Syria on January 25th #PrayForThem
Nonetheless tragic stories happen every day. In four years, Syria's civil war has left more than 300,000 people dead and at least 50,000 missing. 2014 was the deadliest year. More than 76,000 died in the conflict.
Nine million refugees have been forced to flee their homes. Now they live in camps based in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. The United Nations has described it as one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the last two decades. continued...

January 18, 2015 -- Vatican
Pope Francis warns that same-sex marriage 'threatens the family' and 'disfigures God's plan for creation'
The pontiff also praised the role of women in society, despite banning them from holding positions of power in his own institution continued...

January 15, 2015 -- Huff Post
Radical Islam Is A Growing Threat To Sub-Saharan Christians: Report
PARIS, Jan 7 (Reuters) - Radical Islamists were the main persecutors of Christians around the world last year, not only in the Middle East but increasingly in sub-Saharan Africa, according to an annual survey monitoring religious freedom. continued...

December 30, 2014 -- Father Bader
In Jordan, Church struggles to accommodate refugees, shield youth from lure of extremism
For years now, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been a haven for refugees from Iraq. However, a critical limit is in view as the country is also forced to accommodate a huge, and growing, influx of refugees fleeing ongoing war and violence in Syria. Along with Lebanon, the country is threatened by chaos as hundreds of thousands of both Christians and Muslims from both Syria and Iraq threaten to swamp Jordan’s capacity to cope with the newcomers. continued...

December 23, 2014 -- By: Oliver Maksan
Against all odds, Christmas cheer for the homeless children of Iraq
ERBIL, Kurdistan -- The nuns and their helpers work tirelessly, opening cardboard boxes that are stacked, head high, all around them. They take out items of clothing, the plastic packaging rustling loudly. Piles of clothing lie around them on the floor. Together with the other Sisters and volunteers, Sister Angela, of the Chaldean order of the Daughters of Mary, is readying parcels for Christian children who will celebrate Christmas exiled from their homes. Preparations have been ongoing for weeks for this initiative, which is aimed at children ages 2-12; it has been made possible by donors to Aid to the Church in Need. continued...

December 23, 2014 -- Archbishop Porteous
Bishops witness steadfast faith of Middle East Christians
Australian bishops say they have seen 'Christ reborn again' among refugees in Lebanon and Iraq
Christ is being "reborn again in the lowly stable" this Christmas because of the remarkable faith of Iraqi Christians who were driven out of their homes, a group of Australian bishops have said after visiting refugees in Lebanon and the displaced in Erbil, Iraq.
The December 15-19 mission of the seven bishops was aimed at offering spiritual support, humanitarian aid and hope to Christians exiled from their homes in Mosul and the Nineveh Plain after they refused to convert to Islam. continued...

December 18, 2014 -- by Simon Caldwell
Christian refugees in Iraq face up to a bleak Christmas

In an Iraqi Christian refugee camp old men savour memories of Christmas dinners and young mothers anxiously nurse their newborns
David Thamir was having a great time as he played go-karts with other boys. He shrieked, ran and jumped with his companions as they charged around in the vehicles they had made for themselves. It was the sort of joyful and innocent fun which comes naturally to children.
But in this instance, it was also a fleeting moment of respite from the agony of existence. Maybe those watching the children at play gave thanks to God that these little ones had not fully grasped the enormity of the tragedy that had encompassed their lives.
....120,000 Christians have fled ISIS militants continued...

December 8, 2014 -- by Ed West
Prince Charles: ISIS are sending the world back to the Dark Ages

Prince tells Iraqi Christians they are 'literally following in the footsteps of the Holy Family'
The Prince of Wales has told Iraqi Christians that they “are quite literally following in the footsteps of the Holy Family” at a Mass organised by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).
At the Mass in the Holy Family Church in Acton, west London, in which the Lord’s Prayer was said in Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ, the prince spoke about his closeness to the persecuted Christians saying: “As Christmas approaches my heart goes out to all Christians who are being persecuted on account of their faith. continued...

November 14, 2014 --
Archbishop Kaigama: ‘We need more leaders like Prince Charles’

Archbishop was stunned by the Prince’s support for Christians in the line of fire
It was at the extraordinary synod on the family that Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama burst into the international arena, for a moment creating a stunned silence amid the booming din of speculation about whether the Church might change course over homosexuality or Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried.
Well, he hadn’t quite stuck to the script: the permissiveness prized by the West was not what Africa needed, he said. Countries such as his native Nigeria needed development aid, not so-called “reproductive rights”, gender ideology and contraceptives, and it was abhorrent to him that overseas aid was now being made conditional on the acceptance of them. Western governments and organisations were bullying such countries, he said during his intervention, because of “their belief that their views should be our views”. “We have been offered the wrong things, and we are expected to accept [them] simply because they think we are poor,” he added. continued...

November 5, 2014 -- By David Gibson
One Third Of New York Catholic Churches Will Merge Or Close As Fewer Attend Mass

The Archdiocese of New York, with the second-largest Catholic population in the country and an unparalleled place in U.S. church history, is shrinking: Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Sunday (Nov. 2) announced that nearly a third of the archdiocese’s 368 parishes would be merging, and some would close.
.....The archdiocese said it is spending $40 million a year to prop up failing or redundant parishes.

October 23, 2014 -- Archbishop Coakley
'Don’t abandon us' -- Church in Mosul 'no longer exists'

Reflecting on his recent trip to the Holy Land and to Iraqi Kurdistan, Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City said that for all practical purposes, the bishops of Mosul no longer have Churches to shepherd.
"When we were in Erbil, we met with the Archbishop of Mosul, who along with his priests and all of the faithful of the archdiocese, have been driven out," Archbishop Coakley told CNA in an Oct. 16 interview.
"He is, in effect, the archbishop of a Church that no longer exists." continued...

October 22, 2014 -- Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Strangers in a strange land

In 2014, barely 6 percent of Quebeckers attend Sunday services. Only 9 percent of high-school age young people identify as Catholic. About 38 abortions occur for every 100 live births. Nearly half of newborn children go unbaptized. And many of those who are baptized will grow up without seeing the inside of a church. In just 50 years since Quebec’s “Quiet Revolution” of the 1960s, an entire Catholic culture has collapsed. continued...

October 8, 2014 -- CNA
Iraq has done 'absolutely nothing' for displaced Christians

The reality is that Christians have received no support from the central government. They have done nothing for them, absolutely nothing," Archbishop Bashar Warda of the Chaldean Archeparchy of Erbil told Christian charity Aid to the Church in Need Oct. 5.
The central government is to blame. It has not fulfilled its commitment to the people. The government in Baghdad received a lot of help from the international community for the displaced people from Mosul and Nineveh – but there has been no sign of it here.” continued...

September 16, 2014 -- Agence France Presse
Iraqi bishop laments ‘too late’ response to ISIS threat

A Roman Catholic bishop based in Iraq on Tuesday said international mobilization against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants had come "too late."
Operations against ISIS in Iraq "came very late, too late," said Baghdad Auxiliary Bishop Schlemon Warduni.
Saying that the ISIS group was not a major threat only a few months ago, he told AFP: "It would have been very easy, but the international community was in a very deep slumber." continued...

September 4, 2014 -- CNA
Analyst: Vatican regards Islamic State as waging a 'war of religion'

In a Sept. 4 post on his Settimo Cielo blog at l'Espresso, Magister made note of an editorial which appeared in the most recent issue of La Civiltà Cattolica, the Jesuits' Italian-language cultural review.
Obviously, to promote peace it is necessary to know what the war truly is, and not what one would like it to be. It is crucial to study and to comprehend why and how the Islamic State fights. Theirs is a war of religion and of annihilation,” reads the editorial penned by Fr. Luciano Larivera, S.J. continued...

August 28, 2014 -- dailystar
Filipino bishops to counter ISIS

Leaders of the Philippine Roman Catholic Church, Asia's largest, vowed Thursday to counter extremist religions such as that espoused by ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq.
Archbishop Socrates Villegas, who heads the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, also asked the country's bishops to collect donations for Christians who have been displaced by the militants and whose places of worship have been razed "by a godless rage with which no genuine religion can ever identify." continued...

August 8, 2014 -- Zenit
Iraq's Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako: a Voice in the Desert

"It is time to take a principled stand: the situation calls for concrete action, a gesture of solidarity in the face of an existential crisis-'we will either be or will not be.'"
It is an angry condemnation of an indifferent world. The words are unpolished and bitter. continued...

July 26, 2014 --
Pope Francis and Economic Justice

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput - Napa Institute conference
I think it would be a mistake to describe him as a "liberal" - much less a "Marxist." continued...

July 25, 2014 --
Bishop Anthony B. Taylor: Crisis at border testing U.S. moral character

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor issued the following statement on the crisis of young refugees coming into the United States unaccompanied from Mexico and Central America. continued...

July 25, 2014 -- Catholic World News
Pope will visit Philadelphia in 2015 for World Meeting of Families
Archbishop Charles Chaput has disclosed the Pope Francis plans to attend the World Meeting of Families, to be held September 2015 in Philadelphia. continued...

July 24, 2014 -- Catholic News Service
Archbishop Wenski says neither church nor courts can change nature of marriage
A Florida county judge's ruling that same-sex couples have a right to marry "represents another salvo in the 'culture wars' that ultimately seek to redefine the institution of marriage as solely for adult gratification," said Miami's archbishop. continued...

July 24, 2014 --
Bishop Shomali Says Situation in Gaza 'Literally Deteriorating'
Latin Rite Auxiliary Bishop Launches Urgent Appeal to UN and Governments
The auxiliary bishop of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, William Shomali, has said the situation in Gaza is "literally deteriorating" and has called for an immediate ceasefire. continued...

July 21, 2014 -- Christian Post Reporter
The West's Silence on Persecuted Iraqi Christians Is Worthy of Contempt, Rails British Academic
Following news that Iraq's dwindling Christians have been forced out of their centuries' old homeland over the weekend, a British academic and scholar of American history demanded to know why their plight had received such scant attention and called the status quo response "worthy of contempt." continued...

July 18, 2014 --
A Desperate Cry from Iraq's Christians
Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, Archbishop of Baghdad
Iraq's Christian leaders have just made a desperate cry for help. Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, head of Iraq's Catholic church, has issued an appeal "to all who have a living conscience in Iraq and all the world." continued...

July 10, 2014 -- Agenzia Fides
of the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras
Commitment to eradicate the structural causes of irregular migration of children

July 4 , 2014 -- USCCB
Archbishop Joseph Edward Kurtz

2014 Fortnight For Freedom Closing Homily
We pray in gratitude for our freedom to serve continued...

June 28, 2014 -- Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl
....recalls faith of early US Catholics. Wuerl exhorted the faithful to be "vigilant" in protecting their God-given religious liberty, invoking the faith of the first U.S. Catholics. continued...

June 24, 2014 -- Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki

Ars celebrandi et adorandi
On the Art of Celebrating the Eucharistic Liturgy continued...

June 16, 2014 -- Diocese of Madison, Catholic Herald
Statement from Bishop Robert C. Morlino,
regarding a federal judge's ruling on marriage
Marriage, between one man and one women with openness to children, is an element of the very first "domino" of civilization. continued...

June 13, 2014 -- Wayne Laugesen -- National Catholic Register
Catholic Charities Ministers to Unprecedented Flood of Young Latino Immigrants
Children from Mexico and Central America arrive at the bus station in tattered clothing they've worn for weeks. They're unshowered, hungry and scared. Boys and girls as young as 3 cry out for Mommy, Daddy or Grandma. continued...

June 11th, 2014 --
Archbishop Chaput invites all U.S. bishops for World Meeting of Families
I have two brief tasks today. My first task is to invite you and the families in all of your parishes back home to come to Philadelphia next year for the World Meeting of Families 2015. continued...

June 9, 2014 -- Vatican City, (VIS)
Pope Francis and The Presidents Of Israel and Palestine Invoke Peace
. . . the meeting took place in three phases, followed by a conclusion. Following the chronological order of the three religions, it began with the Jewish community, followed by Christians, and finally Muslims. continued...

6 June 2014 -- Sarah Atkinson -- Catholic Herald (UK)
Bishop Athanasius Schneider: 'We are in the fourth great crisis of the Church'
Liberals, collaborating with the "new paganism", are driving the Catholic Church towards a split, according to Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the liturgical specialist who is carrying on a rearguard fight against "abuses" in the Church. continued...

May 27, 2014 -- Michael W. Chapman -- (
Catholic Bishop: Woman 'Ordained' as Priest Is Automatically Excommunicated

A woman "ordained" a priest by the Roman Catholic Womenpriets, Inc. has incurred automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church, according to Springfiled, Illinois Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki. continued...

May 23, 2014 | Kelly Conroy | Cardinal Newman Society
Cardinal O'Brien Tells Thomas Aquinas College Grads: Witness to the Truth

Cardinal Edwin O'Brien recently told graduating students of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, Calif., that they have been "formed for a mission: and that mission is nothing less than the rescue of the civilizational project of the West." continued...

May 22. 2014 - Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone
Decisions in Oregon and Pennsylvania Travesties of Justice
• Archbishop Cordileone says marriage, democracy, children deserve better
• Says state attorneys general were derelict in their duties
• Reiterates that authentic marriage is the union of one man and one woman continued...

WASHINGTON, May 17, 2014 -- Christian Newswire
Coptic Solidarity Condemns Death Sentence of Pregnant Sudanese Christian
Coptic Solidarity is outraged at the barbaric application of Sharia law in Sudan which yesterday resulted in a judge sentencing a Christian woman, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, to death by hanging for 'apostasy.' Ibrahim is 9 months pregnant and has also been sentenced to receive 100 lashes after giving birth for having intercourse with her own Christian husband. continued...
Related: Bishop Gassis: Sudan's Christians Are 'On the Cross' Daily

May 15, 2014 - Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia
Address Given by His Excellency Most Reverend Vincenzo Paglia

President of the Holy See’s Pontifical Council for the Family
On the Occasion of the 2014 International Day of Families
United Nations Headquarters, New York City
The Family at the Heart of Human Development
The 20th anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Family

May 15, 2014 -- U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Archbishop Kurtz and Archbishop Demetrios

Archbishop Kurtz, Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios Celebrate Growing Closeness Between Catholics and Orthodox Ahead of Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Meeting in Jerusalem continued...

May 12, 2014 - Bishop Anthony B. Taylor
Bishop Taylor offer marriage teaching following ruling
"Our nation is presently engaged in a divisive debate over the place of homosexual people in our society, and last Friday's decision of Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza to overturn the 2004 amendment to the Arkansas Constitution defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman provides an opportunity to offer the insights of the Catholic Church to each side of this contentious issue, as well as a way forward consistent with the teaching of Jesus Christ. continued...

Cardinal Raymond L. Burke -- May 09, 2014
Hew to canon law when closing churches, Cardinal Burke says
When considering the suppression of parishes or the closing of church buildings, bishops should hew closely to canon law not simply because it's a legal requirement of the church, Cardinal Raymond L. Burke said, but because it helps foster unity.
In a May 7 interview with the Catholic Review, the prefect of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature, the Vatican's highest court, said following proper procedures helps ensure legitimate decisions. continued...

Bishop Michael C. Barber -- May 5, 2014
What led you to make changes in the annual teacher's contract?
I made a very small change to the annual teacher's contract in order to clarify for teachers - and the school community - that each of our Catholic elementary and secondary schools is an integral part of the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church. continued...

Cardinal Gerhard Müller -- April 30, 2014
Meeting of the Superiors of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with the Presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious -- (LCWR)
Opening Remarks By Cardinal Gerhard Müller continued...

April 21, 2014 -- USCCB
Common Core State Standards FAQs
Because the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were not developed specifically for Catholic schools, there are growing concerns about the effect of these standards on Catholic schools in our country. continued...

Apr 12, 2014 -- Fars News Agency
Cardinal Theodore McCarrick:
Attacking Other People's Beliefs Is Not Freedom of Speech

The former Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick says that none of the divine religions permits and discounts the humiliation of the followers and sacraments of other religions and scoffing at what millions of people hold to be sacred and holy is not allowed or commended by any religion. continued...

April 03, 2014
Illinois bishop upholds priest's decision to deny Communion to pro-abort Sen. Dick Durbin
Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, known for his outspoken defense of the right to life and the natural family, has signaled his support for denying Communion to Catholic politicians who publicly endorse activities gravely contrary to the moral law. continued...

March 18, 2014
Bishop Zubik Rejects Common Core for Pittsburgh!
"The Diocese of Pittsburgh has not adopted the Common Core, nor have we adopted a curriculum based on it. The Common Core was developed over the past decade under the direction of the National Governors' Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. It is not a federal mandate, but states can choose whether or not to adopt it. The Pennsylvania State Board of Education has not adopted the Common Core and, even if it had, Catholic schools would not be bound." continued...

February 13, 2014 -- Meredith Somers -- The Washington Times
Cardinal Wuerl hits U.N. report on Catholic sex abuse scandal
Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl, a longtime advocate for victims of pedophile priests, took aim this week at a recent U.N. commission report on the Catholic Church's child sex abuse scandal, saying it failed to recognize the progress the church has made in the past decade. continued...

February 10, 2014 --
Spanish bishop warns of new ‘lay inquisition’ led by the UN
In an interview with the Spanish news service EFE, Bishop José María Gil Tamayo, spokesman for the Spanish Episcopal Conference (SEC), expressed his concern over what he called a “lay inquisition” led by the United Nations. continued...

The Holy See Press Office -- 6 February 2014
Archbishop Chaput appointed to the Pontifical Council for the Laity by Pope Francis.
Pope Francis has confirmed as president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, and as secretary, Bishop Josef Clemens.
The Holy Father also appointed new members and consultors for the Pontifical Council for the Laity. continued...

Fr Lombardi SJ -- February 2, 2014 -- (Vatican Radio)
Note on children's rights Committee findings
The Director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ, has issued a Note to Vatican Radio (of which he is Director-General) regarding the United Nations, the Holy See, and the Committee on the Rights of the Child, in the wake of the Committee's Concluding Observations on the reviewed Reports of the Holy See (and five member states that are also parties to the convention). continued...

February 6, 2014 - HLI: Human Life International
UN Committee Statement Requesting Changes in Catholic Moral Teaching is an Egregious Attack on Religious Freedom
The "Concluding Observations" on the report of the Holy See released Wednesday by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child are a flagrant and egregious attack on the religious freedom of the Catholic Church, her right and obligation to uphold the dignity of the human person and her estimated 1.2 billion members around the world, according to Human Life International President Father Shenan Boquet. continued...

February 5, 2014 -- C-FAM -- Stefano Gennarini, J.D.
Vatican Blasts UN Committee That Asks Church To Change Teaching on Abortion and Homosexuality
The Vatican accused a UN committee of interfering with Church doctrine and violating religious freedom after it was asked to change its teaching on abortion and homosexuality.
The Church should change its teaching on abortion, according to a UN committee that monitors the rights of children. The Church should no longer automatically excommunicate those who perform or assist in the performance of an abortion, the UN experts said in observations published Wednesday following a year-long review of the Vatican's child protection practices. continued...

February 5, 2014 - The United Nations
UN Report Says Catholic Church Should Change Doctrine
The UN committee that monitors the rights of children asked that the Church should change its teaching on abortion and homosexuality following a year-long review of the Vatican's child protection practices. The committee also asked that the Church should no longer automatically excommunicate those who perform or assist in the performance of an abortion. continued...

February 2, 2014 - The Vatican
Pope's Message For Lent 2014: An Invitation to Evangelical Poverty in Our Time
In imitation of our Master, we Christians are called to confront the poverty of our brothers and sisters, to touch it, to make it our own and to take practical steps to alleviate it. Destitution is not the same as poverty: destitution is poverty without faith, without support, without hope. There are three types of destitution: material, moral and spiritual. Material destitution is what is normally called poverty, and affects those living in conditions opposed to human dignity: those who lack basic rights and needs such as food, water, hygiene, work and the opportunity to develop and grow culturally. continued...

February 1, 2014 - Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond
An open letter from
"There is no justification, including economic hardship that will make a direct or indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood or any abortion provider, acceptable...All citizens of the New Orleans area must stand together for a peaceful community, not one with more abortion and more Planned Parenthood." continued...

January 30, 2014 - Bill Donohue
Catholic Dissidents Oppose the Bishops
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops filed an amicus brief Tuesday in support of a lawsuit brought by a privately owned business, Hobby Lobby
....Also on Tuesday, seven "Catholic" organizations joined with others to oppose Hobby Lobby. Catholics for Choice is a pro-abortion, anti-Catholic entity; CORPUS, Women's Ordination Conference, and Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual reject the Church's teachings on ordination; DignityUSA and New Ways Ministry reject the Church's teachings on homosexuality; and the National Coalition of American Nuns is pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. continued...

January 17 -- Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone
Attorney General Holder Acts Contrary to Supreme Court Decision
Last week Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government will recognize so-called "marriages" performed in Utah between persons of the same sex that even Utah itself does not recognize as marriage. Presently, Utah defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. On December 20, 2013, a federal district judge struck down that definition, but on January 6 of this year, the United States Supreme Court stayed that decision while the case is on appeal. continued...

January 3 --
Obama Administration Responds to Justice Sotomayor, Catholic Health Plan on HHS Mandate
Today the Obama Administration told Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor that the Christian Brothers Services health plan is exempt from providing immoral insurance coverage to more than 200 Catholic schools and organizations—but the plan’s lead attorney says the argument ignores a serious violation of the clients’ religious freedom.
.......Obamacare says that when an entity is in a self-insured plan, like the Little Sisters are, they must file a certification form. But it’s not like other certification forms that the rule requires. It does not merely express their religious objections. The form also, specifically and additionally,“designates” their “third party administrator” to go get the abortifacient and birth control payments. - See more at: continued...

December 31 --
Justice Sotomayor Temporarily Halts Mandate for Catholic Group in Denver
Justice Sotomayor Temporarily Halts Mandate for Catholic Group in Denver
The Supreme Court justice also instructed the government to respond by 10am Friday to arguments submitted against the mandate's enforcement.
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued an order late Dec. 31, temporarily halting enforcement of the contraceptive mandate against the Denver-based Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged only hours before the Affordable Care Act began to take effect. continued...

December 26 -- Catholic News Agency
Vatican encourages renewed missionary zeal in Catholic schools
A recently released Vatican document is calling for a fresh commitment to Catholic identity within what it calls an increasingly secularized educational system.
At a press conference held Dec. 19, Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, said, “the Catholic identity of the school is fundamental.” continued...

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All the polls show that young people are more pro-life than adults. This offers great hope for the future as these youngsters become voters and decision makers. Share the pro-life message with a young person today. As one of the speakers says, "The pro-life movement is getting younger and younger." Praise be to God! The energy and zeal of these youngsters fills me with hope. Video

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