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Bullying Crisis Horrifies Parents,
Ignites Homeschool Revolution -- Research Reveals

June 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/

While working on a new reality TV series, called Homeschool Television, to appear on in the fall of 2012, research revealed that the current bullying crisis in public and private schools is a direct link to horrified parents joining the Homeschool Revolution.

According to recent statistics from the US Department of Education 48.9 % of parents who decide to homeschool do it to give their children a better education and 38.4% was for religious reasons.

However, with the recent increase in bullying, especially in the public school systems, parents that were interviewed for Homeschool Television view bullying as a major safety crisis for their children physically and emotionally.

"I can not have peace of mind knowing that my children would be subjected to bullying in our current school systems like I hear in the news and from other parents that I know who have children in public and private schools. I just can not stomach seeing my precious child under that type of torture. That is horrifying to me. And on top of all that pressure, trying to learn at the same, I can not accept that, not for my kids," Melanie said recently, a homeschool mother of two who will appear on Homeschool Television.

The bullying epidemic in America has reached new heights of concern among parents, that many are predicating homeschooling to accelerate at an unprecedented growth rate in the next few years.

"When it comes to safety, most parents will do whatever it takes to protect their children, even at the expense of quitting their jobs to homeschool their children", said David Wright, CEO of "From the interviews we have done with parents I would not be surprised to see homeschooling accelerate tremendously within the next few years."

According to interviews DoersTV also did with Christian parents who are not currently homeschooling their children, but would like to, if they could afford it --- Mr. Wright predicts this is the segment of the population were the homeschool revolution will increase exponentially in the next few years.

"I was surprised to see how many parents want to homeschool their children to escape the bullying crisis, but financially can not afford to. However, when and if, the economy improves I believe we will see an explosion in homeschooling like never before with this segment of the population," said Mr. Wright.

Source: Christian Newswire

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